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4.00-6.00pm | SWEET JANE | PJ & Maia

Mix | Folk | Indie | Subcultures | Dreamy

A mixed bag of lollies from all decades of the dreamy spectrum including music from subcultures and themed specials plus a sprinkle of new music from the heart of a Gen Alpha kid. Presented by Mummy & Daughter duo, PJ & Maia. Sing, dance, hangout, sing some more. Dreamy.

"Sweet Jane" is by American band The Velvet Underground; it appears on their fourth studio album from 1970, Loaded. "Sweet Jane" was covered by the Cowboy Junkies in 1988 and is the opener for our show. _____________________________________ DISCLAIMER

The views expressed in this program are not necessarily those of TLCFM and different views may be expressed on the subjects discussed. Do your own research on these things and take other opinions from appropriate experts and qualified people.

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