7.00-9.00am        Music for Mad Dogs - Pete

 9.00-10.00am     Mitch with the Itch - Mitch

10.00-12.00pm    Paddle Out - Corka Pineapple

12.00-2.00pm       Baby Boomer Radio Show - Bruce

 2.00-4.00pm        Talking Books - Julie

 4.00-6.00pm         Bad Dreams - Tom R

 6.00-8.00pm         Green & Black - Ben & Letitia      

 8.00-10.00pm      Alternate Reality Zone - Ben


 8.00-10.00am       Bits & Pieces - Jeff

10.00-12.00pm     Cosmic Doo Doo - Sonny

 12.00-2.00pm       Love and Boats - Tegan

  2.00-4.00pm        The Gravy Train - Gary N

  4.00-6.00pm        Pull Up To The Bumper - Dean

  6.00-8.00pm        Long Short Sweet Crunch!! - Big Dave B

  8.00-10.00pm     Strange Brew - Neal


7.30-12.00pm      KJ's Country - Kellie

12.00-2.00pm      Myghin Music - Evette & Colin

2.00-3.00pm         Become a member, fill this timeslot

3.00-4.00pm         Will's Rock Show - Will

4.00-6.00pm         Salty Sounds - Zac

6.00-8.00pm         Studio 1879 - Lisa

8.00-10.00pm      Sticky Carpet - Anthony


6.00-8.00am         Waking Up With A Hot Cup of ... - James

8.00-10.00am       KJ's Country - Kellie

10.00-12.00pm    Remember When? - Steve

12.00-2.00pm       Mixed Bag - Tommyzeee 

2.00-4.00pm          Dove Love - Sonya

4.00-6.00pm          In the Jungle - Cheetah & Candy

6.00-8.00pm          Cross-Eyed and Painless - Angus​

8.00-10.00pm        The Sharehouse - Bradley


8.00-10.00am        Odds & Sods - Jeff

10.00-12.00pm     The Ripple Effect - Izzy

12.00-2.00pm        Rollin' Wheels - Simon

2.00-4.00pm           Fantastic Plastic - Captain Fantastic

4.00-6.00pm           Punk to Funk - Stew

6.00-8.00pm           Sins of the Siren - Vicki

8.00-10.00pm        Become a member, fill this timeslot


8.00-10.00am       What's Happening - Gary B

10.00-2.00pm       Days of Future Past - Big Al     

2.00-4.00pm          Destination Venus - Virginia Wolverine 

4.00-6.00pm          Sweet Jane - PJ and Maia

6.00-8.00pm          Become a member, fill this timeslot

8.00-10.00pm       Become a member, fill this timeslot

10.00-12.00am    Jon (fortnightly)


8.00-10.00am        The Lounge - Dean

10.00-12.00pm      A Little More Country - Alick

12.00-2.00pm        Stereo Hearts - A

2.00-4.00pm           Kickin' It - Kim Kicks

4.00-6.00pm           Electric Eclectic - Naomi

6.00-8.00pm           Become a member, fill this timeslot

8.00-10.00pm        Rollin' & Tumblin' - Big Dave B