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TLCFM 100.3

The radio station was started by volunteers about 30 years ago.

We are sponsored by local Businesses and often exchange assistance with Community organisations such as the LIONS CLUB.

If our style is characterized by one thing

then it would have to be – Diversity.

One of our objectives is to provide access to broadcasting to all sections of our community. 

We have/had young presenters, old presenters, indigenous presenters,

specialist music buffs, disco freaks, ethnic presenters,  local commentators, local guests for interview, and of course Baby Boomers, you name it, we've had it, from metal to classical to punk to country to techno to reggae to dixiland jazz. All the music, all the decades, we love diversity both among our volunteer presenters and our content.  we regularly talk on air with visiting bands, performers and artists, (with many of them performing in-studio) and provide a weekly  gig guide for local entertainment.  Of course, we liaise with LOCAL COUNCIL , S.E.S.  Police and Emergency Services when our area is at risk.

Our community announcements highlight activities and events for local groups (not for profit). We do outside broadcasts at selected community events like the "Surfing The Coldstream” Festival held around mid- October each year. We maintain  ongoing close

relationships with Business in the Lower Clarence through sponsorship.

TLCFM 100.3  of course welcomes donations from larger sponsors.