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TLCFM sponsorship

TLCFM is the voice of The Lower Clarence and relies on sponsorship from businesses and individuals to help us continue to support and give a voice to our community - local information, local news, local voices and local groups and businesses. In return, sponsors gain an intimate platform to reach and engage with an audience who would be interested in their message.
TLCFM's Sponsorship Coordinator, Dean Valerio, will happily work out a sponsorship package that supports your business goals.


Download our Sponsorship Form:

customised announcements

When you become a TLCFM Sponsor we can customise a sponsorship campaign to fit your needs, be it a one-off campaign for an upcoming event or a package that suits your specific business. Sponsor Announcements are professionally produced by our Tech Crew and you and your customers will love how awesome you sound.

on the air microphone

TLCFM streams globally

Our live broadcast is streamed around the world, meaning our reach goes beyond our beautiful towns in The Lower Clarence.

If you are located outside of Yamba and want your business to have that personal connection with our listeners (who go far beyond our postcodes) give it a go - our rates range from $1.25 - $0.85 per day per announcement. Your business could take off in our towns! And yes, you or one of your team members can have an awesome experience voicing your announcement!

on-air announcements

TLCFM does not air advertisements. 
As a not-for-profit community radio station we broadcast information about a TLCFM sponsor, acknowledging them in an on-air Sponsorship Announcement.
Whenever you go to a town or city, you learn which businesses support the local community by the businesses you hear supporting community radio.

Community service announcements from not-for-profit organisations can be live read by our presenters to help get your message out, free of charge.



Sponsorship is tax deductible;

Sponsors can have a radio announcement produced by our Tech Crew to promote your business on TLCFM 93.5;



Your business info broadcast from the iconic replica lighthouse!;​


Sponsors build stronger relationships in the community;


Sponsors help keep one of the best community radio station on air!

TLCFM sponsors

TLCFM gratefully acknowledge our sponsors for helping keep us on air.

Visit our sponsors - you'll love them too!

Pacific Hotel Yamba
Yamba Golf & Country Club
Clarence Water Filters
Mareeba Aged Care
Yamba Fair
Elders Real Estate Yamba
Yamba Shores Tavern
Clarence Valley Library
Bowlo Sports & Leisure Yamba
Eyecare Plus Yamba
Flots & Jets
Bendigo Bank
Yamba Valley Real Estate
Ferry Park Gallery Maclean
Yamba River Markets
Espresso Botero Maclean
Yamba Hardware Mitre10
SPAR Yamba

Michael Florie Home Loans
Peter Campbell Physio
Grafton Power Products
Yamba Lawns Cleaning Service




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Yamba Fair logo
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