6.00-8.30AM      Music for Mad-dogs  Pete.

     8.30-9.30AM      Mitch with the itch. Mitch.

10.00-12.00PM      Radioactive . Richard. 

   12.00-2.00PM      Myghin Music. Evette & Colin

      2.00-4.00PM     Talking books. Julie. 

      4.00-6.00PM      It's My Party. Michael. B.

      6.00-8.00PM     Green and black. Ben and Letita

    8.00-10.00PM     It's My Party LOUD. Michael.B.


        8.00-10.AM      Breakkie Time. Richard

10.00-12.00PM      Become a member, fill this timeslot

   12.00-2.00PM      Music for Mad-dogs. Pete

     2.00-4.00PM      The Gravy Train. Gary. N.

     4.00-6.00PM      Pull up to the bumper. Dean

     6.00-8.00PM      Long short sweet crunch!  Big Dave



  7.30-12.00PM        K.J's Country. Kelly

  12.00-2.00PM        Guri Time!. David Prosser

    2.00-3.00PM        Become a member, fill this timeslot

    3.00-4.00PM        Wills Rock Show. Will

    4.00-6.00PM        Salty Sounds. Zac

    6.00-8.00PM        Studio 1879. Lisa


7.30-10.00AM         K.J's Country. Kelly

10.00-12.00PM       Easy Listening. Richard

12.00-2.00PM          Music for Mad-dogs. Pete

2.00-4.00PM            Dove Love. Sonya

4.00-6.00PM            Cheetah and Candy

6.00-8.00PM            Cross eyed and Painless. Angus​



     6.00-8.00AM        Become a member, fill this timeslot

  8.00-10.00AM         Odds and Sodd. Jeff Clout.

10.00-12.00PM         St James School kids -Anne Marie

   12.00-2.00PM        Rollin' Wheels.  Simon

     2.00-4.00PM         Fantastic Plastic. Captain Fantastic

     4.00-6.00PM         Punk to Funk. Stu

     6.00-8.00PM         Sins of the Siren. Vicky


  8 .00-10.00AM       What's Happening Garry. B.

   10.00-2.00PM       Days of future past. Big Al     

      2.00-4.00PM       Destination Venus. Virginia Wolverine 

      4.00-5.00PM      Become a member, fill this timeslot

      5.00-7.00PM       Classic Rock. Anne Marie


8.00-12.00PM          Become a member, fill this timeslot

12.00-2.00PM.          For the love of music.  Annie

   2.00-4.00PM          Stereo hearts . Angela

   4.00-6.00PM          Bad Dreams . Tom

   6.00-8.00PM          The Tork.   Mark

8.00-10.00PM          Rollin" & tumblin'. Big Dave . B.

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