Registered name of the Association:
The Lower Clarence Community Radio Association Incorporated

(ABN 65 131 198 559).

Our allocated (by ACMA*) call-sign is 2TLC but we use the casual term "TLCFM 100.3" as our on-air identifier.

The radio station was started by volunteers in 1988 and the replica lighthouse has been our home ever since.

*Australian Communications and Media Authority.



  TLCFM has a policy based on diversity whereby interested members of our community are encouraged to participate in our community radio station. As part of this we have related policies on


  1. Principles of volunteering

  2. Rights and responsibilities of volunteers

  3. Complaints and discipline of members

     As part of the policy we will take steps to oppose and breakdown prejudices based on ethnicity and race, language, gender, sexuality, age, physical and mental ability and cultural and religious beliefs.


Community Radio Broadcasting Codes of Practice.

The CBAA Codes of Practice contain very relevant and critical information that all presenters need to know.

The Broadcasting Services Act 1992 (the Act) outlines the legal framework for community broadcasting and explains the role the sector plays in delivering diverse media services that reflect a sense of Australian identity, character and cultural diversity. The Community
Radio Codes of Practice (the Codes) set out the guiding principles and policies for programming on community broadcasting stations. They
also outline the operational standards for stations that hold a community broadcasting licence. The Codes do not replace the licence conditions in the Act; they are complementary and we are legally obliged to follow both the licence conditions and the

You can download a PDF here: